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Give Me Back My Crayons

10 Keys to Unlocking the Creative Child Within

10 Keys to Unlock the Creative Child Within

In today’s world where Pinterest and Google are the go-to places for creative inspiration, we are moving closer to perfection but further from joy. The effects of this fast-paced, technology-driven way of life on the next generation have proven to be detrimental.


Children are being diagnosed at record rates with anxiety, depression, ADHD, and many other issues are arising every day. Our home lives are being challenged by social demands, countless activities, and the schools are overwhelmed in taking on every part of child development.


We, as parents, need to take back our children and give them the environment and experiences they need to thrive.


As an educator, school administrator, mom, and artist, JoAnn Nocera saw this shift beginning years ago. She opted to create change in her community by infusing arts into learning, encouraging parents by showing them how to bring arts back into the home as well.


Through decades of experience, extensive research, and her personal story, Give Me Back My Crayons illustrates the value of trusting ourselves and reaching deep to find that creative genius living inside. while modeling for our children how to do the same.

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