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Meet JoAnn

Licensed Administrator & Certified Elementary and Middle School Teacher, and Artist

Creativity has the ability to transform lives!

I have experienced this first hand through my journey as an educator and administrator as well as a mom.  

For 20 years, my life's work has given me the opportunity to bring many creative experiences to children and school districts.  Whether it was teaching lessons infused with art and innovation or writing grants, all of these experiences had the ability to connect to curriculum and numerous 

content areas.   


Today, children live with boundaries that prohibit them from finding the talents and skills that lie within.  By putting creativity into their daily lives, they will see that they don't need to worry about being judged or afraid of being imperfect.  The journey will result in lighting the path that will lead them to a joyful and self-fulfilling life.  The life they were meant to have.

My mission is to keep creativity alive in the hearts of children and families whether my services can be used in schools and/or communities.


You can learn more about the many projects and experiences on my social media platforms as well as my book "Give Me Back My Crayons" which will be released in February 2020.

If you would like to connect with me for a consultation, please feel free to reach me at

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