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Katherine Grace Finds the Keys to Creativity 

As a Supervisor of Instruction and educator with over two decades of experience, I help children reach their highest learning potential and teach parents strategies to greater assist in the process.  From sharing techniques in time-management, discipline, scheduling to sensory-based instruction and arts-infused learning,  I specialize in the differentiation of instruction to meet every child's learning style.  My methods have transformed the lives of thousands of students not only in the schools but within their families.

I am happy to share my knowledge and practice with your school district, community, and family!

Meet JoAnn

Licensed Administrator in Education and Certified Elementary and Middle School Teacher, Author and Artist

Wheat Field

"Education is all a matter of building bridges."   

~ Ralph Ellison 

"In life there is always someone who inspires you, challenges you, and encourages you to achieve your goal, JoAnn Nocera is one of those great educators who does just that.  JoAnn has an energetic personality and she continually helps her students and staff to follow their dreams."

- Helen Koerner

"JoAnn approaches life and her life's work--education--with a passion and positivity that is infectious.  Her dedication to arts-infused education has fostered a learning environment that is inclusive, experiential, collaborative, and which generates positive results.  JoAnn is proof that joy is not superfluous to a quality education, but integral."

- Mike Kenny

JoAnn is a creative force! She inspires and continues to grow the love of art education and to deepen the true spirit of creativity.  As Albert Einstein said, 'Creativity is contagious. Pass it on'   JoAnn is contagious with her love and passion for being creative, heart and soul, and passing it on!

- Karen Pomeroy

Project-Based Learning

Geometry and Architecture

4th and 5th Grade students connect their understanding of Geometry to Architecture during Lunch and Learn throughout the school year.

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